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The Academy Google Hangouts are a chance for our students to chat with a tutor live on air and give a great insight into what life is like as an Academy student. It is great publicity for our students and a chance to talk about what it is they are trying to achieve, their business, or their job in the events industry.

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The Business of Weddings Podcast show is available on iTunes and is hosted by several of the staff at the Academy. Each podcast brings you an up close and personal interview with a different expert within the wedding and event industry to help you learn from those already out there enjoying success.

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Industry News

Top Tips For Planning a Corporate Christmas Party

This weeks post has been written by Zoe McKeown – an Academy tutor with our UK campus, as well as the owner of successful wedding & event planning business, Cherish Weddings. Take it away Zoe!
Most companies try to have a get together at Christmas with their employees. It can be a headache to organise and even after all the hard work and prep does everyone commit and turn up?
The party season is in full flow now so hopefully, you have the date and venue secured already, if not – make it a return to work after Christmas bash, in January.
So here are a few things to consider when planning a corporate Christmas party:
1) Spend a little bit of time on evaluation of previous events. Ask what stopped people attending and get some feedback on last year. It can be anonymous but you must stress that not all suggestions can be accommodated.
When I have organised Christmas work parties the first thing I want to know is how many people accept the invite and if there is a poor turnout what is putting people off. Is it the cost of a ticket, the location, the timing or just general apathy for the same old thing. What events have been a success in the past, are you ready to try something new?
2) It’s not too late to add in a theme or party challenge – novelty Christmas jumpers is a popular choice and quick to arrange at short notice.
3) Plan an activity to get everyone mingling. It could be ice skating to be festive or a taxi treasure hunt to get everyone out of the workplace and straight into fun mode. Splitting people up into teams works well even if it is just for a quick quiz with colleagues in the office. Most people enjoy the element of competition and this also allows for more chat when they come back together. An old idea but one that works really well is a round-up of the year with a prize-giving ceremony. Go for the laughs with this one and also celebrate the company achievements. Office parties are about boosting morale and making people feel valued so be sure you do express that too.
4) Plenty of food and drink will make any party swing into action. If your budget won’t stretch to champagne make a Christmas mulled wine punch and give it its own personalisation with a twist on the company name. Food stations where people have to mingle are good too, especially for dessert – chocolate fondues, doughnut walls, decorate your own mini Yule log.
5) Goody bags can be the finishing touch at the end of the evening or on arrival as a thank you for a year’s hard work. Everyone likes to be given a gift at Christmas and a small gesture of thanks also goes a long way. So give some thought as to what would be appropriate and appreciated by the staff. If you have time to hand write all the labels and add a touch of wow with the packaging it will be remembered and a great way to celebrate 2017.
Are you interested in working in the world of corporate events? Then our certificate in event planning could be the perfect course for you. Select your local campus below to find out more!

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Top Tips For Planning a Corporate Christmas Party

Holiday Study Tips

Whether you are a current Academy of Wedding and Event Planning student, recently enrolled or considering signing up whilst our End of Year Sales are on, we thought that it might be timely to share some tips for juggling study during the busy holiday period; because even the most organised amongst us can find it hard to stay on track at this time of year.
Whilst some of us have more time to study or do other work, on the holidays (if you are lucky enough to have some time away from work and other commitments), many of us have less time.  But it is not only lack of time that can see you get off track with your studies.  Just the simple disruption to your schedule can throw your whole routine with study off and mean that even when the holidays are over, you struggle to get back to the good habits you had in place before you took a break. My suggestion is to not abandon study over the holidays, unless this is your annual vacation time (which may be the case especially for our Australian and New Zealand students.  If that is the case, or if you really do prefer to take some time off over the holidays, that is ok, but have a plan in place for when you start again, before you take that time off.  Make a date with yourself for that first study session back from holidays and stick to it no matter what. This will minimise the risk of letting the short break, overflow into the next few weeks.
If you have decided to keep up with your study over the holidays but need some strategies for managing your time off, with your desire to keep working on your course, here are some more tips.

Rearrange Your Schedule
I recommend planning your weeks out regardless of what time of year it is, but especially during the holidays, when your routine changes.  It is important to take a look at the days ahead and what your commitments are and make room for study.  Perhaps you study in your lunch breaks when working. Over the holidays this might need to change to being a weekend morning. If you normally do a long 3 hour session one night a week, you may prefer to change this to 2 or 3 shorter sessions in the afternoons.  The key is to make a plan that takes your new ‘short-term’ routine into account.
Clear Your Head
Things can get crazy over the holidays, especially if they include doing different and fun things and catching up with family and friends.  If you are going to slot study into this mix, allow some extra time in your study schedule for clearing your head before you sit down to work.  Taking a walk or going somewhere else to study (if you have guests staying) are both things that you can do to clear your head and get focused for your study session.  My personal strategy is to do the ‘work’ before lunch and leave play for the afternoon and evenings.
Form a Study Group
Our private Facebook Group for students, Academy Live, is perfect for this.  The idea here is to find some other people who are also going to be studying over the holidays.  Form an online support group so you can stay accountable to your goals and have the support of others who are also juggling the holidays with study.
Do you have some holiday study tips of your own to share.  Please add them to the comments and enjoy your studies over the holidays!
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Holiday Study Tips

Wedding Trend Report Preview Show

We are on the countdown now to the release of the International Wedding Trend Report on 5th of January, 2018, so we thought it would be fun to give you a preview of what’s to come with this sneak peek video.
Who doesn’t love a chat show, especially when it involves wedding trends? Well, you’re in for a treat as during the filming of the actual report, held at the gorgeous Chateau de la Borderie, we found time to sit down with 6 wedding experts and find out their thoughts on what’s going to be trending in weddings for 2018.
So take a seat, grab a coffee and get ready for the Wedding Trend Chat Show hosted by Academy CEO, Kylie Carlson. Our experts include:

Dee McMeeking –
Lisa Gatenby –
Emma Willett –
Claire Jones –
Martha Tobyn –
Katie Anderson –

Trend Report Chat Show
The post Wedding Trend Report Preview Show appeared first on Blog for Wedding Industry Professionals.
Wedding Trend Report Preview Show

6 Steps to Styling a Tablescape

One of the things we teach you at the Academy is how to design and style a table for your clients and there are certain steps we use in the process which I want to share with you in this quick start guide:
No 1 – Nail your Client’s Style. Pin and collect images that truly reflect their colour combination and aesthetics and share with them on a site like Pinterest where they can collaborate with you. 
No 2 – Consider the Venue. Study the lighting, structure and design to determine the type of table, linen and colours you want to include in the design and identify if you’re going for a natural and raw table or if you want to use tablecloths. This is the time to establish the base of your design.

No 3 – Select the Chairs. Chairs can make a statement, so make sure they complement the table, design and space creating harmony and enhancing the tablescape not conflicting with it.
No 4 – Design your Centrepiece. This is often the showstopper of the table so why not explore other items and don’t just limit yourself to flowers. There are so many options including candles, greenery, lanterns, wood, statement vases, candelabras, to name but a few. But whatever you do make sure your guests can still see across the table to the person sitting opposite them. Don’t block their view with your gorgeous design. 

No 5 – Choose the tableware. This is your chance to really tell the story of your design. Select plates, flatware and glassware to create a setting that not only complements but invites the guest in and makes them want to take a seat. There are no limits here from beautiful coloured glasses to rose gold cutlery, the options are endless and a good rental partner will help you fashion your design.
No 6 – Accent your tables. These are the finishing touches that complete your tablescape and should be used sparingly and not overdone. A folded napkin with a menu card sat on top can add that extra pop of colour and enhance your design to its fullest. Another element is to use votive candles that provide atmosphere and warmth.

We are proud to say we are always working to keep our course content relevant and up to date. The images in this blog post have been taken from our latest styling video tutorials which will be available as part of our styling & design courses for 2018.  If you want to find out more about our styling related courses contact your local campus.
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6 Steps to Styling a Tablescape


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