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Industry News

Starting a Wedding Business While Working Full-Time

Today on our WedBizTips series the question is can you run a business whilst holding down a full time job? We hear this question all the time from new and potential students at the Academy. It is a common question from anyone who is thinking of branching out on their own and becoming an entrepreneur.
Now of course there is no magic formula that will see you suddenly turn into a successful business and allow you to quit your full time job, but there are some top tips that we can share with you that might help you to take that next step. Anyone who has started a business is facing the same set of challenges, and unless they have unlimited funds at their disposal they will also have the same dilemma of whether to continue working or throw themselves wholeheartedly into their business.
Here are our top tips to help you combine working full time with launching and running a business:

How much do you really want it? Your commitment and passion to your new business will be put to the test as it will require everything you have and more. You need to prepared to make some sacrifices and give it your all.
Evaluate your skills, weaknesses and abilities. If you want to be successful you need to maximise the time you spend on doing what you’re great at & outsourcing what you’re not.
Diarise your tasks. A diary, whether electronic or otherwise will become your best friend & help keep you sane as things start to get really busy. In your diary write down tasks you can do for your business outside of your full time job, however, it is essential to be realistic.
Use your dead time. Dead time will be your new best friend, for example your commute to work or the time you may have left after a lunch break.
Set attainable goals & realistic deadlines for yourself. Strategise & plan. If you have limited time make sure the time you do have is productive.
Tell your family and friends what you’re doing. It is essential to inform your family and loved ones about your plans, so they know what to expect from you. Don’t try to cut out your family life and relaxation altogether, because this can cause you to burn out quickly.
Keep evaluating your time. Once you have been running your business for a few weeks. Record how much time you spend on certain tasks and make sure you are being productive.
Work smart. Know which time of day you’re mentally at your best & make that the time you spend on your new business.
Networking is key. Networking is vital for the success of a new business. Dead time will be perfect to network for your business on social media. When you are on the train or bus home, you can easily take out your phone & set up a Facebook account for your business.
Don’t quit your full time job until you’re certain your business can provide a decent wage. Maybe discuss a phased resignation period with your employer. Map out a game plan for how you are going to earn money.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Starting a new business takes time to develop. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t rush it. Give it time to grow.
Don’t forget to join us next week where our subject will be Ideas to Boost Your Motivation. Watch the video on Instagram and then shoot over here to the blog for the full lowdown.
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Starting a Wedding Business While Working Full-Time

Tuesday Tutorial – Using Pinterest for an ‘Inspiration Board’

Using Pinterest in Wedding Design
An inspiration or vision board is a great place to start with choosing a style or theme for your wedding. It is simply a collection of things that you love, find inspiring or has a particular meaning to you as a couple.  Ideas do not have to be directly wedding related. You can get inspiration from things like your favourite lipstick colour or perfume, your favourite outfit to a special place or area that you both enjoy visiting. Find inspiration wherever you can, but include your own life and things that are important to you. Magazines, Wedding blogs, Fashion trends are all good places to start but Pinterest would have to take the cake here.

Pinterest was launched in early 2010 and has been trending worldwide ever since. If you are unaware of what Pinterest is – you may need to get out from under that rock where you have been for the last 7 years! Basically it is a virtual pin board, a free online website directed at media content to sort, manage, save and upload photos also known as ‘Pinning’. We are talking a one stop picture shop with photography from Fashion, Pets, Art, Photography, Home and Garden to of course Weddings! This is the place to create that all-important ‘Secret Wedding Board’.  Pinterest is undeniably a great place to start the creative juices flowing. Search, click and pin to your board – it is really as simple as that! Remember to find something unique, something that will tell your story as a couple and take not only your guests on a journey but create lasting memories.
Remember Always Credit
As a student, business owner or general all round ‘Pinner’ it is so important to give credit where credit is due. That does mean like most things Pinterest does come with a few rules. All too often people utilise pictures sourced from the internet on their social media platforms, blog or for their inspiration board. Be sure to not miss lead that the images are that of your own work. That is why we need to cite the original creator of that image, also credit and link back to Pinterest as the source of the image. At the end of the day I am pretty sure we all been a little guilty of those mid-night pinning sessions but please ensure you follow the Pinterest etiquette.
Happy Pinning!
We are currently running our Fall 17 Pantone Instagram Challenge and if you love Pinterest or want to practice your inspiration board skills then take part today!
Inspiration Board image credits top left to right: / / / Etsy -LamFaTiTa / / – fleursboheme / / The Oxford Trunk (dress)

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Tuesday Tutorial – Using Pinterest for an ‘Inspiration Board’

Keeping a Visual/Inspiration Journal

In my writing you may hear me refer quite a bit to my ‘notebooks’.  For many years I have kept notebooks for a range of reasons;  from keeping track of the details of my working day (phone numbers, conversations, ideas etc) to more personal ‘journals’ that are places for me to explore my inner self.
Since moving into more visually creative areas of work such as Planning, Styling and Design, I have also started to keep visual journals.  These journals are places for me to gather images and ideas that inspire and intrigue me.  The concept is not new and artists, writers and designers have long kept such journals.  However as we have become more centred on new technologies like blogs and social media I wonder if more of us are subscribing to feeds than cutting and pasting images with our own comments into notebooks these days and if the art of the visual journal may be lost.
I have quite a large list of blogs I subscribe to and I love spending time reading my favourites, however there are many reasons why I still keep visual journals.  At the heart of my love for this activity is the relationship that you can develop between you and the material you put in there.  Ok that sounds a bit deep doesn’t it?  But think about it; when you glue a picture, or a swatch of material into a book and make a note beside it about how it makes you feel, you have created something that you can not only see, but that you can also feel- both physically and emotionally.  You are also engaging with the material by making a comment about it and this is where creativity can be sparked.  There is also something wonderful about gathering your visual journals and sitting down with them long after the last page has been filled and going back through them.  Examining the images again, questioning how they now make you feel; perhaps seeing something you did not see before.
If the idea of keeping a visual journal is new to you, or if it is something you have stopped doing in favour of collecting images in online folders, perhaps you will also be inspired to start your own.  All you need is a notebook and an enquiring mind!
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Keeping a Visual/Inspiration Journal

From Just Married to Wedding Planner

One of the most frequent conversations I have with people considering a career as a Wedding Planner or Designer, goes something like this;
“I have just planned my own Wedding.  I had no idea when I started how much I would love everything about it.  I am naturally organised and love paying attention to details, but I am also creative.  Planning my wedding gave me a chance to do all of the things I really love to do in a way that no other job ever has.  I met some amazingly creative people along the way too and some of the Vendors who worked on my wedding have been really encouraging when I told them I was thinking of doing this professionally.  I know being a Wedding Planner is what I am meant to do.”

The Fire is Lit
Are you a Bride or Groom,who also felt this way?  Did planning your Wedding light a fire in you?  Did your wedding give you the first chance to express yourself creatively, as a Designer?  Now that you are married and you don’t have a Wedding to plan, do you feel frustrated with your current career?  Do you want to be a Wedding Planner, Designer or Stylist?
Well the good news is;  you are not alone.  So many of the successful professionals working in this industry, share the same story.  And whilst many people feel almost silly admitting that they want to turn their own experience into a professional career as a Wedding Planner, your experience is in fact the ideal way to have tested out whether this is a career you could enjoy and be successful at.  You now have first- hand knowledge of what it is like to take your vision for the perfect day and execute it.  You have gained experience in researching vendors, negotiating contracts, working with a budget, managing a timeline and bringing it all together on the day.  If you did this without the help of your own Wedding Planner or Coordinator, we commend you and even if you did have help, you have planned your first wedding; an event loaded with detail to be paid attention to. That is no small feat!

Becoming a Professional
So becoming a Wedding Planner after being a Bride or Groom is a perfectly valid way to get started in the industry. But it also must be said, that planning your own Wedding, does not make you a professional Wedding Planner.  Yes, you have gained some experience and skills and a very intimate understanding of what planning a wedding takes, but you did it for one very obliging customer, you and your partner.  As difficult as you may been as a Bride/Groom, doing this for a couple whose values, style and vision for their day is very different to your own, takes Wedding Planning to another level.  Even when you are planning a wedding for a client with a similar style to your own wedding, its different.  And that is where training and some work experience is valuable.  You need to become a professional to plan weddings for clients.

The Next Step
The next step is to learn and experience more so you can extend your experience beyond your own wedding.  Here are some of the benefits of enrolling in a course with the Academy & undertaking work experience, before launching yourself into your new career as a Wedding Planner;

Training will consolidate the skills and experiences you have had whilst planning your own wedding and help you to see planning a Wedding from a professional point of view (essential when managing someone else’s expectations and budget!).
A qualification, gained via training will give you confidence in your abilities.
Your future client’s will have more confidence in your abilities when you can demonstrate your professionalism via a recognised qualification.
Work experience will give you the chance to be part of ‘wedding day’ as a worker, rather than the star; having planned your own wedding you will already have an understanding of how much is going on behind the scenes to make it all happen.
A qualification enables you to charge what you are worth for the services you are offering (no more freebies for friends because you love planning weddings so much and they can see how good you are at it!).

The pressure and challenge of working as a Wedding Planner for paying clients, can’t be experienced as Bride or Groom. But your experience of planning your own wedding is an excellent place to start your new career as a Wedding Planner.
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From Just Married to Wedding Planner


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