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Academy TV is your chance to learn from our Director, Kylie Carlson. The Academy is unique in the fact that we are the only training company producing free-to-air videos for aspiring and novice wedding professionals. It is a great way to get a sneak peek of the quality of education and training you will receive as a student of the Academy.




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The Academy Google Hangouts are a chance for our students to chat with a tutor live on air and give a great insight into what life is like as an Academy student. It is great publicity for our students and a chance to talk about what it is they are trying to achieve, their business, or their job in the events industry.

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The Business of Weddings Podcast Show

The Business of Weddings Podcast show is available on iTunes and is hosted by several of the staff at the Academy. Each podcast brings you an up close and personal interview with a different expert within the wedding and event industry to help you learn from those already out there enjoying success.

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Industry News

How to write a killer Wedding Industry CV

The wedding industry, like most industries, is highly competitive but there is also always space for new talented professionals. However, to really succeed when it comes to winning jobs and landing clients you are going to need a killer CV.  But what makes a great CV? Find out in this episode of Academy TV in which we talk through the not so obvious things you can do to make your CV stand out from the crowd. Click the image below to get all our top tips!
When considering a career in the wedding industry the best way to begin is by taking a specialist training course, whether this is with us or another institution. Working in an industry where the clients are generally highly invested, emotionally and financially requires a certain level of professional training and accountability. When you graduate from one of our accredited and internationally recognised courses you will have gained the skills and knowledge to plan and execute weddings with confidence. To find out more about our courses click on your nearest campus icon at the bottom of this post.

For further help on creating an awesome wedding industry CV check out this recent blog post in which we share our free guide and template for event industry CV writing.
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How to write a killer Wedding Industry CV

How to get an Internship in the Event Industry

On the blog this month we will be focussing on your career. We’ll be sharing our top tips for furthering your training beyond the coursework, to move closer to achieving your career goals. This week we take on this frequently asked question…
How do you get an internship in the wedding and event industry?
This is one of the biggest questions we get asked by those who dream of a career in the wedding and event industry. Gaining work experience or landing an internship is a great way to develop your practical skills and put what you have learned from our courses into practice. However, it is important to note many wedding and event planners are also small business owners and although they may love the idea of offering hands-on experience, they do not always have the resource to make it possible.
That being said we know from experience that there are a whole host of opportunities out there and here at the Academy we are committed to connecting our students with those offering placements. From the work experience our tutor Christine offers our Australian campus students through her business I Do Crew, to placements with members of our International Advisory Board and industry partners, we are here to support you!
So how do you land those opportunities when you find them?
In this video, our CEO Kylie shares her top 6 tips on how to get that dream internship or work experience placement.

For further reading on getting an events job with no prior experience check out this blog post from earlier this year.
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How to get an Internship in the Event Industry

How to Post on Instagram Like a Wedding Pro

Love it or hate it Instagram has fast become the most popular social media platform and a go-to for couples looking for wedding inspiration and suppliers. We can totally see why. The stunningly curated visuals and aspirational feelings these invoke are perfectly suited to the emotion-led world of weddings.
As a Wedding Professional, Instagram is going to be one of your best platforms for showcasing your work and your business to prospective bridal couples. In this quick tip video we share with you some of the secrets to making it work and killing it on Instgram for your wedding business.

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How to Post on Instagram Like a Wedding Pro

The Wedding Business Magazine – April 2018

It doesn’t seem possible that we are already onto the second 2018 issue of the magazine, but we are and I can promise you it’s a good one. Our chosen topic this issue is the Customer Experience. You only have one chance to make a first impression. The first time a potential client interacts with your brand it needs to speak to them. This first touch point could be through an email newsletter, on social media, over the phone, through your website or face to face. Whatever it is you need to have thought about the experience you want your client to have from the first moment they virtually meet you.
There are so many elements to think about when designing a customer experience for your brand. The basic ones include your marketing, your enquiry and booking process, the process after they’ve booked, during the time they work with you and after it has all been completed and the event has happened.
To really create an unforgettable client experience you need to map out the journey on paper and walk through it mentally. Try and experience what a client will experience and really think about each step carefully. The experience is what will set you apart from your competition because it is unique to you. The way your client feels and the experience they have with you will be very different to someone else offering the same service down the road.
So What’s in this Issue?
We are very excited to have our very own Academy CEO, Kylie Carlson, as the feature interview for our April issue. Kylie has been teaching and mentoring wedding professionals from around the world for the last ten years and has now launched her own brand,, where she will be offering CEO School for Creative Entrepreneurs Online.
When it comes to being an experienced wedding planner Cathrin D’Entremont of CD Weddings based in Perth, Australia is one of the best. She is one of the founding members of our Australian Advisory Board and has some great advice for us on how to really elevate your client experience.
Stopping by to talk to us about the Ultimate Wedding Experience are the team from Vivaah Weddings, a premier Wedding Planning & Management company with offices strategically located in the UAE and Thailand. The incredibly talented Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams gives us a glimpse into her world of design and creativity and talks to us about her very personal customer experience.
How you communicate with your client is a big part of the client experience and Elie Berchan of Elie Berchan Wedding and Events Creation shares some crucial advice to help you sharpen up all points of your client communication.
David Merrell of AOO Events has long been leading the way in event design inspiration and is a long time friend of the Academy having created some fantastic video content for our Academy students. Here shares his inspiration and advice in our WedInspire article for this issue.
Andy Kuchner launched the podcast The Wedding Biz and today, he shares how he’s shaping his listener’s experience to stand out in this competitive medium.
Cavin Elizabeth is a modern style wedding and portrait photographer based in San Diego, who has recently published her first book, A Bride’s Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding, which gives couples the tools to plan their wedding with photography in mind. She has lots of great advice on entering the world of education.
We also have some great advice from Lane’ Richards of Wedding Pro Coaching on wowing your clients and Michelle Schwartz of Modern Jewish Wedding spills the dirt on how your company can think like Disney.
Two of our UK Academy students have some great knowledge to share too. Lauren Strachan chats to us about her experience running Lace Sixpence Weddings and Events in Scotland, and Monica Naclerio of Amalfi Soiree talks about elevating your client experience with workflow.
Louise Rowland of Fleurir Creative gives us some sound advice on creative marketing and Brittny Drye of Love Inc gives us the low down on creating an inclusive client experience.
Our regular columns with Meghan Ely on WedPR, Kathy DalPra on WedSEO, Shannon DePalma on WedSocial, Heidi Thompson on WedPromo, Emma Etheridge on WedBiz, Christina Scalera on WedLegal, Kellie Daab on WedExpert, Lindsasy Lucas on WedVenue, and Sam Lloyd on WedGuru, are also packed with great advice and tips as per usual.
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The beautiful images from this issue of the magazine were from a shoot called Thoroughly Modern Cecilia. Meet the talented team behind the shoot:

Site Management & Styling: What Peggy Did Next
Venue: Hill Place
Photography: Ikonworks
Creator and MUA: Frances Moore MUA
Hair: Bridal Hair in Hampshire
Florals: Judith Searles Flowers
Props, Stationery & Signage: Beyond Vintage
Catering: Small Piece Catering
Bridalwear: Exquisite Bridal
Jewellery & Hair Pieces: Victoria Ferguson
Bridal Shoes: Hannah Elizabeth Bridal
Menswear: King and Allen
Bridesmaids Dresses: Maids to Measure
Cakes: Jemima Cakes
Ring Box: The Mrs Box
Silk and Silk Ribbons: Silk and Purl
Silk on Table: Beckford Silk
Model: Victoria Lindsay Coutts
Rings: The Exquisite Collection
Honeymoon Book: The Safekeeping Society

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The Wedding Business Magazine – April 2018


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